Running on Synology NAS

Here's how you set up on SyncLounge with Docker on Synology NAS.

jacobmix made this awesome how-to for Synology! The original gist can be found here

First make sure you got the Docker Hub in your registry: Registry

Download the latest SyncLounge image: Image

Launch the image, and go to advanced settings: Create Container

Enable auto-restart, and make a shortcut if you want: Advanced Settings

You can edit settings later by clicking the container, and pressing 'Edit' if it's not running.

Configure the network, and ports to use: Port Settings Network

Just use the same network as Docker, and leave them as default if you can.

Set the environment variables: Environment

Click Apply, finish the setup, an start it. It will take 20-30 minutes to start every time.

If you wanna update the container you have to re-download/overwrite the image.

Then clear the container, and restart it: Clear

Hope this good enough to get you through the setup.

Now if you want to actually use SyncLounge:

  1. Connect with IP:PORT1/slweb
  2. Log-in with you Plex account
  3. Choose your player.
  4. Select Custom Server.
  5. Enter IP:PORT2/slserver
  6. Type in the room name, and password.

Then you should be good to go! You can invite people with the button at the top. invite

Other people need access to the same episode/movie/video on their/your/someones Plex server.

You can invite people to your Plex like this: Plex invite

They need a Plex account before you can share your server with them. You just need to run the server, and forward the ports.

Some notes:

  • You can use the SyncLounge Player (BETA) player in your browser.