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Report an Issue

Check/search the Issue Tracker and Discord to see if your issue has been reported/resolved already.

If not:

  • Make sure that you have read through the FAQ. Answers to many common issues can be found there.
  • If you are self-hosting, make sure that you have read through all of the Self-Hosting documentation.

It is preferred that issues are reported on the Issue Tracker and then raise it on Discord.

When reporting an issues, please try to be as detailed as possible. If needed, you can generate logs from your client device (player). Information can be found in the troubleshooting section of the How-tos.

If you aren't going to report the issue on the Issue Tracker, copy/paste and complete the following into the Issues channel in Discord:

**Web App**
You can remove this section if your issue isn't related to the Web App

__System Details__

  - Operating System:
  - Web Browser name and version:

__Plex Media Server details__

  - Version:
  - Operating System (Windows/Linux/Mac):
  - Running in Docker? (Yes/No):
  - Location (Local/Remote):
  - Remote Access Enabled (Yes/No)?:

__Plex Client details__

  - Name:
  - Version:
  - Network connection (Wired/Wifi):
  - Platform:

You can remove this section if your issue isn't related to Self-Hosting

__System Details__

  - Operating System:

__SyncLounge Details__

  - Running in Docker? (Yes/No):
  - Using a Reverse Proxy (Yes/No):
      If Yes, which Reverse Proxy (Nginx, Apache, Caddy, etc.):

**Issue Details**

__To Reproduce__
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

- Go to '...'
- Click on '....'
- Scroll down to '....'
- See error

__Describe your issues(s)__

Please describe your issues below: